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Leftover Thanksgiving Gumbo!. Use a combination of light and dark turkey meat. Sausage: Smoked sausage helps to give the gumbo a deep smokey flavor that compliments the turkey meat. Use smoked polish sausage or andouille sausage.

This gumbo recipe from Unpeeled's new contributor Emmah Schramke tastes smoky, spicy, and rich in flavor and texture. Most importantly, you're wondering what to do with all that leftover Turkey (see our Fool-Proof Oven Roasted Turkey Recipe here). Preferably something easy, you have been cooking all week.

Lagi mencari inspirasi resep leftover thanksgiving gumbo! yang unik? Cara membuatnya memang tidak susah dan tidak juga mudah. Jika salah mengolah maka hasilnya tidak akan memuaskan dan justru cenderung tidak enak. Padahal leftover thanksgiving gumbo! yang enak selayaknya memiliki aroma dan rasa yang dapat memancing selera kita.

Ada beberapa hal yang sedikit banyak berpengaruh terhadap kualitas rasa dari leftover thanksgiving gumbo!, pertama dari jenis bahan, lalu pemilihan bahan segar, hingga cara mengolah dan menghidangkannya. Tidak usah pusing kalau mau menyiapkan leftover thanksgiving gumbo! yang enak di rumah, karena asal sudah tahu triknya maka hidangan ini mampu jadi sajian istimewa.

Use a combination of light and dark turkey meat. Sausage: Smoked sausage helps to give the gumbo a deep smokey flavor that compliments the turkey meat. Use smoked polish sausage or andouille sausage.

Berikut ini ada beberapa cara mudah dan praktis dalam mengolah leftover thanksgiving gumbo! yang siap dikreasikan. Anda bisa menyiapkan Leftover Thanksgiving Gumbo! menggunakan 0 bahan dan 9 tahap pembuatan. Berikut ini langkah-langkah dalam membuat hidangannya.

Bahan-bahan dan bumbu yang dibutuhkan untuk menyiapkan Leftover Thanksgiving Gumbo!:

This holiday gumbo recipe uses leftover turkey, smoked sausage, chopped onions and bell peppers, celery, and savory garlic and turkey stock for a culinary explosion of Louisiana flavor in a single bite. Turkey Gumbo is usually made from the broth you make from the leftover turkey after carving it up on a holiday. If you don't make gumbo the next day, you can always save it in your freezer. Good news is that I plan to make the most simple mashed potatoes in all the land.

Cara membuat Leftover Thanksgiving Gumbo!:

  1. Step 1 Mince all vegetables, set aside. Remove fatty parts from ham and cut into 1 inch pieces. Heat butter in skillet and sear ham. Drain if ham releases a lot of fat and return to skillet. Add 2 cups of water and scrape sear from bottom of the pan. Reduce to lowest heat setting and allow to slowly simmer while you prepare the rest of the gumbo..
  2. Step 2 Have a few quarts of water set to side of stove (you will need it when roux is done). In a Dutch oven use medium setting to heat oil. Test for readiness by dropping a pinch of flour into pot, if it sizzles, it's ready. Add flour one cup at a time and whisk until all is incorporated. Lower heat to medium low (I set mine on 3 or 4) and CONSTANTLY stir with metal or wooden spatula until roux is the color of chocolate. This takes 20 to 30 minutes. I pull up a bar stool, have a seat and stir :).
  3. Step 3 When roux is ready add your vegetables and continue to stir for a few minutes more until roux is shiny and smooth. Add water that was set aside and stir..
  4. Step 4 Add leftover gravy and stir.
  5. Step 5 Add ham and water it's been simmering in..
  6. Step 6 Add mashed sweet potatoes and stir..
  7. Step 7 Fill pot with water until about 3/4 full. Add all of your seasonings and slowly bring to boil stirring occasionally. Lower heat and simmer 30 minutes..
  8. Step 8 Add Turkey and cook another 10 minutes.
  9. Step 9 Serve with leftover cornbread dressing.

Meaning the brothers cannot be disappointed since the mashers are their favorite. Okay well, they'll be pretty mad if the turkeys and gravy don't turn out, but I am hopeful! Ahh man, I totally just stressed myself out. Start by making the turkey stock. Heat the oil in a large stock pot and brown the turkey carcass.

Terima kasih telah menggunakan resep yang tim kami tampilkan di sini. Harapan kami, olahan Leftover Thanksgiving Gumbo! yang mudah di atas dapat membantu Anda menyiapkan hidangan yang enak untuk keluarga/teman ataupun menjadi inspirasi dalam berbisnis kuliner. Semoga bermanfaat dan selamat mencoba!

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